Hog Roast Crawley cater at Alexandra House Hotel!

Hog Roast Crawley were asked to cater and serve at Alexandra House Hotel in Swindon, this is a great venue for us, mainly because the route to the hotel is so easy and not too far away, with only minor hold ups in Stow on the Wold and occasionally Burford! The hotel has very stringent controls and it was therefore important to arrive in good time so that checks and procedures could be followed. This occasion had a serve of 4.00 pm which was a little unusual for a wedding. However this was because we were serving for the wedding breakfast. The set up was easy and the checks were done ensuring that Hog Roast Crawley were fully compliant.

As seems to be the way these days there were plenty of agency staff, all very willing and keen to look busy. It becomes a little tricky when you ask for something out of the ordinary. Somehow we seem to get there. Service was to be inside since the weather was foul and a pre-arranged plan was kept to. The bride had asked that food was left for guests to graze over an hour. They also wanted leftovers for their evening guests which we were more than pleased to do. Although these days Hog Roast Crawley have to do a ‘disclaimer’ to make sure we are not held responsible after we leave.

Everyone was happy and I couldn’t resist having a bit of banter which seems to be missing when there is a language barrier.

We will soon be back to base with a couple more events before the end of the month at Alexandra House.