About Spitting Pig Buckinghamshire

The Buckinghamshire Hog Roast Catering Company

Hog Roast BuckinghamshireWe are ideally situated in the middle of the Country, probably never more than an hour from your venue. We cover from a hog roast in Stratford on Avon to a hog roast in Henley on Thames, with a broad corridor along the M40. We of course travel as far as we are needed. We often find that one event leads to another and another.

Your Very Own Personalised Catering Experience

Hog roasting is a great tradition that has been around for many years in countries all over the world. Myself and my staff here at Spitting Pig Buckinghamshire are a highly trained professional team, we are here to bring the wonderful world of Henley on Thames hog roasting to the stratford areas as we have been giving them the incredible experience of a Buckinghamshire hog roast at events for many years.

Hog Roast Buckinghamshire

The meat whether it is Pig, Lamb or Turkey, Chicken or Beef the way it slowly cooks on our stylish modern machines is so fascinating to watch and the smell and the taste is out of this world so we love nothing more than bringing this experience to our clients events for them and there guests to enjoy. We pride ourselves on the quality and high standards of our catering services because we understand the importance of fresh local produce so you get an excellent meal. We support our local farmers and like to give you the satisfaction of a great meal at your event, whilst saying within the budget that you had in mind so your certainly not breaking the bank at any point with the catering.

Whatever event you have in mind for us to cater for; wedding, birthday party, or perhaps a corporate event etc., we have a great range of menus and catering options for you to choose from. Whether it is our Spitting Pig chef that comes to your event to cook and calve your hog roast in henley thames with our waitresses to serve, or our do it yourself option which is a great option for family gatherings or garden parties and it will be sure to impress your guests. Hog Roast Buckinghamshire

Our machines are manufactured from stainless steel so your event looks classy and sophisticated. Here at Hog Roast Buckinghamshire we have no minimum number or maximum number of people that we cater for, it can start from as little as you want it to, going right the way up to thousands of guests. When you receive a catering quote from us, within that quote we include our staff (our chef and catering assistants to prepare and cook your meat) we will also prepare all your chosen dishes such as salads, pasta and potato dishes fresh on site using raw ingredients so your meal is at its highest standard possible. Crockery and cutlery required for your menu choice are also included in the price. So what are you waiting for? We have such a diverse set of menus – why not take a look at what we have to offer?

Decades Of Experience

We have a wonderful team of dedicated workers with bags of experience. They have covered many areas of the event industry. Perhaps the most important point we make to all our staff is that they must have a good time. If staff come away satisfied and with a glow of achievement, having checked at all stages, then the party will have been a success. It does not matter what level of society is being catered for. Guests always enjoy freshly roasted meats with freshly prepared salads or vegetables. We find that it is the sizzle which sells the product. People love the simplicity. We turn up, cook and serve hundreds or even thousands with absolutely no hassle.

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