Hog Roast Stratford Upon Avon

StratfordHog roast Stratford on Avon is a haven of culture and peace nestled in the south. It is situated in the valley of the river Avon which eventually finds its way down to the sea. Visitors have been coming to Stratford for years because of the attractions associated with William Shakespeare the famous playwright. This is great for us as we have a never ending supply of people looking to experience a hog roast in Stratford Upon Avon. The setting is fantastic pair that up with glorious food and you have a winning combination.

Many visitors choose to see the five glorious houses preserved by the Shakespeare Birthplace Trust – notably Mary Arden’s Farm, Anne Hathaway’s Cottage, Hall’s Croft, Shakespeare’s birthplace and New Place. One of the other famous landmarks in Stratford is The Royal Shakespeare Theatre which reopened in April 2011after an almost complete rebuild. There are two other theatres in Stratford on Avon; they are the Swapig 11n and The Other Place so lovers of the arts are well catered for. The theatre’s repertoire is wide and does not just focus on the Shakespearean plays showcasing both new works and works by contemporaries of Shakespeare. Naturally there are lots of places that William Shakespeare is thought to have frequented in particular the local pubs or taverns as they once would have been. Close to the theatre on Waterside is one of these “The Dirty Duck” much loved by locals and visitors alike. There is a fascinating choice of bistros, cafes, and fine dining restaurants where our hog roast Stratford upon Avon can be sampled. Many restaurants offer both pre and after theatre dining.

The river naturally plays a large part in Stratford life. Rowing boats are for hire and it is possible to go down stream to the weir or upstream towards the water falls. Many houses have gardens which slope down to the riverbank. On a beautiful summer evening with the water lapping against the bank and the sun shining through the trees a hog roast Stratford upon Avon garden can become a little corner of paradise. Parties are held often with a hog roast very much in keeping with the historical feel of the area. A succulent pig with crackling and all the accompaniments is the ideal way to celebrate any of life’s milestones from a Christening or wedding to a big Birthday. Still on the water Stratford has a large canal basin and the colourful barges fill the area making a beautiful spectacle. There is even a sandwich barge and a floating restaurant. Further along from the canal basin there is a shopping centre of great charm with many household names along with smaller more quirky shops. Hog roast Stratford takes part in a large market on a Friday together with a periodic farmer’s market. Away from food and shopping, children will thoroughly enjoy a visit to Stratford’s butterfly farm. The butterflies are feeding and flying freely around what breadappears to be a tropical rainforest complete with waterfalls and pools. Not for the fainthearted is a spider room with black widows and tarantulas, and a caterpillar and insect area, a brilliant treat for children. Stratford has its own race course featuring National Hunt race meetings between March and October and several local golf courses. So whether you’re a lover of the theatre or of the outdoors there is something in Stratford on Avon to appeal to everyone.

Recently we catered for a wedding the Billesley Manor Hotel, part of the Puma hotels Franchise. The hotel itself is located just 3 miles from the centre of Stratford on Avon and has a health club and tennis courts on site. Picturesque gardens and the vast landscape suggest it is the perfect base to explore Shakespeare Country. The wedding itself was a beautiful occasion with and the bride was a vision. The guests were very intrigued by the sight of the hog roasting and the aromas filling the air as the wedding party got into full swing. As the time to carve drew near, more and more questions about the hog came rolling in. Is it locally sourced? Will there be enough for seconds? These are just two that spring to mind. Well yes all of our hogs are locally sourced and I couldn’t say if there would be enough for everyone to have seconds. That is the impact we have at events “always leave them wanting more”.