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Hog Roast Machine HireWelcome to Spitting Pig hog roast machine hire Buckinghamshire, leading hog roast machine hire providers. We’ve been operating in Buckinghamshire since the 80’s and over the years we’ve built up a great deal of experience and expertise when it comes to hog roast catering and hiring out hog roasts. Working with many clients for almost all events imaginable, we’re confident in what we offer and know you too will be overwhelmed by what we can offer you. It doesn’t matter if you’re having a small BBQ or a massive birthday bash, hog roasting goes down a treat at any and all celebrations, parties and functions. Allow us to let you in on a little secret. Common feedback from our clients is regret – Yes, regret. Regret that they put off trying hog roasting for so long! That’s the only criticism we’ve had throughout our many successful and busy years, self-criticism from clients unhappy that they didn’t give hog roasting a chance earlier! Hopefully, come the end of reading this text, we’ll have swayed you from making the same mistake.

An Easy Catering Alternative

Spit roasting is an affordable and easy way to get the taste buds buzzing, entertain your guests, and make your party one that won’t be forgotten any time soon. If you’re looking to feed your guests food worthy of a king, without the costs that come with catering, our machine hire service is for you. Witney hog roast hire is easy and we can provide you with 2 different machines, each with different capabilities and purposes. The first machine, our professional hog roast machine, is designed with smaller and more personal parties and celebrations in mind. It cooks less than our other machine and is more affordable, but loses nothing in terms of quality and end result because of it. The hog cooked is still to die for, with moist, tender and flavourful meat and crackling that’s nothing short of amazing.

Hog Roast Machine
Spit Roast Kit
Chicken Spit

The Titan is the bigger and more capable of our two machines, designed largely – excuse the pun – with commercialism in mind. If you’re throwing a decent sized party, wedding, fundraiser etc, then this is probably the machine for you. Our Titan hog roast model has a massive size to output ratio, being only 160cm long and 70cm in width, while having the capacity to feed upwards of three hundred people in a single serving! Both are beautiful specimens and versatile at that. There’s a grill within both machines for cooking typical BBQ food, or even boiling and frying food in a pan if you want to spice things up some. A great benefit of having an interior cooking system is that when you hire you can cook your hog on the top, while at the same time having beef burgers, hotdogs and rice – as an example – on the go simultaneously. This is a superb feature if you want to serve up several course meals at more luxurious parties and functions. All of our hire machines have bespoke attachments for event versatility.

You might be looking to cater for guests at a Jewish wedding; naturally hogs aren’t going to go down too well! No need to look elsewhere, our custom machine add-ons put you in a position to cook other meats. How does a whole lamb sound? Maybe chickens – Of which our machines can cook 40 at once – sound more your thing? So long as the animal or joint of meat is small enough to be skewered, we have an attachment to cook it. A real positive with our hog roast hire service, aside from the low cost, is just how easy our machines are to work. If you served up the finished product to strangers they couldn’t be blamed for mistaking the meat as coming from a 5-star, world renowned eatery. Unfortunately your friends will know it hasn’t been cooked by the world’s best hog roast chef – But only because our machines are so client friendly that you’ll barely have to attend to it! While the hog slowly roasts, you’ll be as much a part of the big day as everyone else. There’s no reason to slave in the kitchen, missing out on your own event, with any of our machines.

Wantage hog roast machine hire is a fantastic way to save money when catering for more than one event within a short space of time. Perfect for those Didcott hog roast events where you are looking for something to impress your guests with and to give them something to talk about. The hog roasting away at your event will certainly be a great show piece to have, there is something so fantastic about the sight and the smell of the meat cooking away in its own juices giving a succulent and tender result once cooked, with crispy crackling guaranteed every time. Hiring a Didcott hog roast machine is so simple all you have to do is enquire with us today, we will check the availability of the date that you need it for then get you booked in. We will then get your machine sent out in plenty of time for your event so your not worrying about it coming last minute we include delivery, collection and enough gas to cook a pig in the price of the hire. We collect the machine once you have used it, you can either give it back to us clean or dirty. We will be happy to clean it for you, for a small charge making things easier for you.

We take pride in the quality of our hog roast machinery as they are reliable, built to last and the results you get are superb every time without fail. The machines are easily manoeuvred and don’t make a mess like some catering companies machines, ours are top of the range and are built to the highest standard possible. Our machines are sleek stylish and are so simple to use, we give full instructions when you receive the machine and if you are unsure of anything we are just a phone call away and are happy to answer any questions that you may have for us. Machine hire seems quite popular when having a hog roast in Wantage area as it is a small town it seems that people are looking at other options of catering rather than the cold buffet that the local sandwich shops supply. Didcott is another town that we cover however it is a large town, it is the district in the U.K with the highest healthy life expectancy we believe this is because this area tend to support there local shops, they have a wide range of restaurants however hog roasting has become extremely popular as it is something different and a great way to be able to cook food and host your event at the same time it really is that easy. With the hire it makes it a cheap way to cater for a large amount of people at once, this is great if you are looking to caterer for more than one event in the same week. If you are wanting to use our machines in your garden we are able to fit them through the smallest of doors and if this is not quite possible we can easily take the machine apart and put it back together again for you so it fits in to the space that you want it in.

The machines we offer are better than the rest, it’s really that clean-cut. Our success in the way of a monster database of clients only confirms this. Designed with you in mind, all of our machines are easy to operate and require little in the way of attention. If you’d like to hire or buy one of our machines get in touch with us today.
Private parties

There is not a better way to cook for a party than a whole pig, or lamb. It is a great way to impress your friends and feed a lot of them with you in control. It is also the simplest and most compact way. The meat will be the juiciest, most succulent way of cooking and it will make you look good. It leaves you plenty of time to prepare your other dishes whilst the meat is slowly cooking. You also have the option of returning the machine clean or for a small charge we will do it for you.

Hotels and Restaurants

It is great way to add another dimension to the catering skills of your chefs. It has become fashionable to bolt on a wedding pig roast in the evening after the main event. Whilst your team of chefs are preparing for the main event or other functions, the pig can be slowly roasting. Hiring a machine allows you to use the machine when you want and is especially economical if hired for the month or longer.

Outside Caterers

If you need something different for your functions, this is the ideal way to boost your range. It is just perfect for festivals, music or religious ensuring that large gatherings are catered for quickly and with the freshest of products.

If after using the machine you want to keep it, just let us know and will can work out a deal that we know you will like.

Don’t forget that the roasting machine can be used for a range of meats and vegetables. They are always hot and fresh, ready for serving at the heart of the action.