Hog Roast Henley-on-Thames

Hog Roast Henley on ThamesFor your events this year in Henley-on-Thames don’t settle for anything less than the most unique and brilliant food experience for you and your guests. At Hog Roast Henley-on-Thames we pride ourselves on a catering business like no other. We provide a catered selection of the finest roast meats made using an exceptional blend of traditional and modern cooking methods. Turning the clock back to the brilliant feasts of yore with our very own mobile spit roaster, Hog Roast Henley-on-Thames is ensuring unforgettable food experiences up and down the country.

For us our hog roast is a truly unique dish brought to brilliant fruition only through the possibilities afforded by the unique style of the spit roaster. With the spit roaster our team of elite chefs can create a wonderful fresh roast that turns throughout the day in a dazzling spectacle of sight, smell and, eventually, mouth-watering taste. The spit roaster ensures a perfect slow roast throughout the entirety of your pork hog; the result is an achievement of juicy and meaty flavour, and a delightful crispiness across the skin to add that extra bit of lovely texturing and spiced flavouring. It’s a dish so good that we couldn’t help but put our name behind it.

As purveyors of quality at every level too, Hog Roast Henley-on-Thames looks for the utmost quality in our ingredients. Our sourcing is the start of our fine experience, so we make sure to look out only the top stocks from the best local vendors in the UK so that our chefs are stocked with quality ingredients to work with, and additionally too so that you can be trust in where your food has come from. With fine ingredients like these our chefs can then turn in even better dishes fresh for you and your guests. Marvel at our glorious Sunday roast, or grab a quick bite from our pulled pork rolls taken fresh from a perfect whole hog roast. It is unrivalled service here at Hog Roast Henley-on-Thames.

Quality Hog Roast Guaranteed in Henley-on-Thames

Hog Roast Henley-on-ThamesFor Henley-on-Thames we have a fresh stock of quality dishes ready to satisfy any palate. Choose from our many meat, vegan, vegetarian, and gluten-free dishes to make up your perfect food combination at your event. Our team will work personal to you to find a buffer or set menu serving perfectly refined for your event.

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