Hog Roast Buckinghamshire

Hog Roast BuckinghamshireBuckinghamshire is neatly placed in the South East and borders several other counties. The industries in Buckinghamshire are a plenty, the service industry of which we’re apart of is a bit one, as are tourist and education. There’s also an acknowledgment of the area because of just how many facilities and high performance motorsport outfits there are.

There are over 650,000 people who live in Buckinghamshire, most of them situated in Oxford, which makes for exciting reading as a hog roast caterer because it means there’s an abundance of events and potential clients at any given moment. Outside of Oxford the population spread is quite even and we have hog roasted in Chipping Norton, Banbury, Witney and more.

If you’re in Buckinghamshire, whether permanently or on a visit, there is an overload of FullSizeRenderthings to do and things to see. People travel far and wide to see what the area has to offer, and it’s not just Spitting Pig hog roasts that they’re coming for. There are many famous points of interest, such as the world famous White Horse Hill, the River Thames, and any number of museums, shopping centres, and the like. There’s beauty here that’s both manmade and natural, from flowing rivers and lush green hills to railways and chapels.

Because the country is so big, and was formed so long ago – way back in the 10th century – there’s been more than enough time for a mouth watering historical and social imprint to develop here. Not to mention we’re no spring chickens ourselves, Spitting Pig Buckinghamshire has been behind thousands of appetite whetting hog roasts. And no matter where we find ourselves, whether it’s at a hotel in Thame and Chinnor, a park in Didcot or a pub in Chipping Norton, there’s always one thing that’s consistent, that stays the same, that’s the superior quality of hog roast catering made by our envied, battle-hardened chefs.

Fantastic Hog Roast Catering in Buckinghamshire

We recently catered an event at William Osler House; a stunning location and a marvellous building. As I normally do, I arrived at the venue quite early, long before the event began in order to prepare properly. As the meat began to cook, delicious aromas were wafting their way throughout the area. Next came the carving of the hog as customers looked on in anticipation, ready to chow down on some delicious pig! All 160 guests seemed extremely satisfied with the hog roast provided by Spitting Pig Buckinghamshire.

To provide an elite hog roast Buckinghamshire catering service you need an elite team around you, which is what we have, but one of the other secrets – at least it was a secret until everybody found out! – is having elite standard machines, and as anybody will tell you ours are the very best. We make a monumental splash when we cater because we never find ourselves bored or going through routine, every event clients want new meats cooking, and that’s something we can do with our spit roast machines.

Spitting Pig machines are what make possible our varied menus and ability to cook everything on time, never overcooked, never undercooked. It doesn’t matter what it is, chicken, pig, lamb, chicken kebab or even deer, if it can be spit – and with our machines rest assured it can – it can be cooked to a perfect state. The difference between a spit roast and whole meats or meat cuts that are grilled or cooked in a standard house-hold oven is absolutely monumental, as our clients find out when they hire the machines with hog roast hire Buckinghamshire and get to cooking their all time favourites.

The options for hog roast hire Buckinghamshire are many, there are different machines available so you can pick which is right for the size of your planned event and even decide the machine based on what type of roasting you want to do, tray or spit roasting.

If having us do the hog roast Buckinghamshire sounds a better idea then Spitting Pig catering is the solution you need. More than anything our clients love two menus we have, spit roast snack menu and spit pig roll menu, they’re both simple in what they offer, the clue’s in the name, but in spite of their simplicity they taste like nothing else and the service is top quality. The clients aren’t drawn to the mouth watering scrumptiousness of the food by itself, they love the cooking element, the hours of slow but exciting theatre that spit roasting meats brings to the table.

So many businesses call us to arrange business breakfast catering which is one of the reasons those two menus are in such high demand, they’re not made specifically for business breakfasts but they’re such a perfect fit that you wouldn’t know it. They also go down a storm if we’re catering for a party or we’re at a music event.

There are of course many more menus you can select for your event, for a more in depth look see our menu area.