Creating A Winter Wonderland With Hog Roast Chesham

For a roast catering specialist like Hog Roast Chesham, Christmas really is the most wonderful time of year as we take in so many incredible bookings looking for our expertise in roast dining to help round out their magical Christmas events. It’s always exciting for our teams to get to enjoy these many Christmas events as they tend to come with just a bit more magic to them as customers go all out to create that festive spirit for their event.

One such case was that of Jane Cross’s winter wonderland event this week which Hog Roast Chesham were fortunate enough to be a part of. Jane is a huge lover of any festive holiday, often going all out to put on a party for her friends that exhibits all of the themes and brilliance of the season. In previous years Hog Roast Chesham has been a part of Jane’s Halloween parties, helping her to conjure up a witches brew with our own roast wizardry, and so this year she requested the same Hog Roast Chesham team again to help her out with her special winter wonderland event.

Hog Roast CheshamBooking out a venue hall and adorning it with plenty of Christmas lights and decorations, and setting up a few novelty stalls of fun little Christmas inspired games to be much like the Christmas markets found all over the world, Jane called out our Hog Roast Chesham team to add our own festive flavours to the occasion. When it comes to themes Hog Roast Chesham are only all too happy to do what we can to support the style of the day, so to that end we also went dressed in our best elf and Santa wear and set up our own Christmas stall for guests to enjoy. These stalls were decorated with our festive menu, allowing guests to come and pick up a hog roast roll, or take a way a plate with delicious roast turkey, veg and potatoes drizzled in gravy, or pick at as many pigs in blankets and balls of homemade sage and onion stuffing that one can manage.

It was an incredible occasion for all of Jane’s friends to enjoy and we were delighted to be a part of it. We’ll most certainly come back again next year if invited!