Snowed In, S’No Problem For Hog Roast Waddesdon

As if right on cue to let us all know that it is now December, the weekend saw plenty of snowfall around the country. At Hog Roast Waddesdon we have already been feeling quite christmassy, but the addition of the snow has certainly pushed us that extra bit more.

Of course snow comes with its complications in this country, and for a team that regularly travels with heavier equipment to locations further we out we of course take every precaution for such conditions. But when our Hog Roast Waddesdon catering teams see a lot of snow like this we tend to think only one thing: time to fire up the roast and get to warming up our guests at events!

Hog Roast WaddesdonDespite the snowfall we were fortunate enough to have no event cancellations. Everything went ahead as planned meaning we could provide the very best heating method for events with our fresh hog roasts. When guests come trudging in from the snow and shake off their wet jackets and woolly hats there is probably no better welcoming sight than the one of our whole roasted pig turning away over the spit, just about ready to be served fresh and hot for filled rolls or in a carvery. For such weather the traditional roast is already the perfect comfort food to warm you up, so our even more uniquely made hog roast is even more so apt for the snowy weather!

At a couple of events over the weekend we had guests make the most of the snow by using their venue grounds for snowball fights and to make snowmen, and after all that fun they were fortunate enough to be welcomed back inside to get warm with a hot pulled pork roll from Hog Roast Waddesdon. It is these kind of unique twists for a job that make our jobs so interesting even after catering for thousands upon thousands of events over the years, and our team is always ready and willing to adapt on the go to bring out the best of your event in whatever way is called for on the day.