Catered Menus For 2024 At Hog Roast Amersham

It is one of the best aspects of our job here at Hog Roast Amersham that we get to spend so much time just talking about food, because most of us here at Hog Roast Amersham have come to this industry because we are food lovers above all else. It’s not just us, though. We know that you, our customers, love getting to chat about all the wonderful roast foods that you might get to enjoy with us at your event. So, to that end, we thought we would discuss some of our menus available for your events in 2024 here!

Hog Roast AmershamThe years may change, but there is never any need for change with our classic hog roast menu. This is the menu that our name comes from, and it’s the one that customers come to again and again because it is simply unbeatable. It has all the thrills you need for your event with our classic hog roast cooking in the spectacular spit roast style fresh at your event, and it serves all your taste needs with its salad and potato accompaniments. Meat, veg, potatoes – it’s a traditional base for a reason, and ours adds some extra style to this classic formula!

With it being frosty out at the moment a barbecue might be the last thing on your mind, but come Spring and Summer our Gourmet Barbecue range is going to be the first menu you come looking for. The British barbecue is a dining experience that can’t be beaten, and our gourmet twist on all your usual favourites will have your events sizzling in 2024.

For the more formal dining experience we bring to you the Formal Hog Roast Dining Experience. This menu is black tie all over, coming with a canapé service of brilliant light bites to start off your evening before moving to delicious starters of the likes of duck, salmon, or tomato and beetroot carpaccio. The main is a roast of your choice with excellent veggies and a choice of potato dishes. It’s classy and stylish for your most extravagant events in 2024!

What will your menu pick be in 2024 with Hog Roast Amersham? Come tell us today!