Bonfire Night at Richmond Athletic – Hog Roast Abingdon

This week we served at Richmond Athletic, a venue that Hog Roast Abingdon have catered many events for, this was a new one though. The serving time was later than normal and we would be finishing earlier as well. We travelled down the usual route leaving at 7.00 am. This seemed a good time with most people having travelled to work. The roads seemed pretty clear. Indeed the weather was fine which was a blessing, since there was due to be 5000 people for the firework display at the Rugby ground. On this occasion we had a small marquee to work from with tables! All making it a lot easier, indeed with the van parked adjacently. After a quick unload Hog Roast Abingdon watched all the fairground people set up across the other side. Gradually other stall holders appeared, Creperie, Gin stall and the usual sweetie stalls with candy floss.

Our serve time was 4.30pm and the public seemed to enjoy our Hog Roast Rolls with extra crispy potatoes! Sadly we didn’t get to see the fireworks which probably didn’t matter since it was the fourth bonfire party that we had done. Although there wasn’t a bonfire at this one, but it didn’t seem to matter. After a quick clear up Hog Roast Abingdon left for home, the skies seemed to be glowing with fireworks on either side of the motorway.