Dining for Your Corporate Networking Events With Hog Roast Haversham

At Hog Roast Haversham we believe it is vital to be well aware of the industry you are in, and to form good relationships with others in your sector so that all can grow. Business doesn’t have to be combative; it can, and should be, cooperative. Good relationships and cooperation with others in your industry and beyond can help the whole sector to improve and grow.

That is why when we were invited out to a networking event by a regularly corporate client of ours, we were more than happy to accept. As well as private events, Hog Roast Haversham regularly caters for corporate clients. As a corporate caterer we work with businesses, both local and global, to provide novel dining solutions to various business needs. Sometimes that is workplace lunches, other times it is catering for client meetings or workplace retreats. This week it was catering for a large networking event in the communications industry, ran by our own regular local corporate client.

The event was designed with the purpose of introducing new ideas for the industry from some of its leading local members. The event was structured with several industry talks, interviews, and presentations interspersed with time for attendees from the industry to mingle and network. As the caterer for the event, Hog Roast Haversham was responsible for those interspersed moments of discussion.

Hog Roast HavershamBecause we knew that the structure of the event would mean a lot of guests standing and moving around the room, our catering service had to be designed with that in mind. A set course menu, for example, would therefore not be appropriate for this kind of event. A buffet could work in this type of setting, but the Hog Roast Haversham team instead opted for a more fluid dining service with canapés and platters rotating around the room. This would allow guests to pick up smaller, lighter bites perfect for on the go dining, while still networking across the room. We had small pulled pork rolls, for example, and skewers, min salmon bites, quiches, and the like so that the catering would not come before the goal of the event.

The Hog Roast Haversham team were happy  with the results of this choice, and from our own corporate client the event was, for all intents and purposes, a major success!