Retirement Dining With Hog Roast Newton Blossomville

Hog Roast Newton BlossomvilleAfter a lifetime of working retirement is an opportunity to finally kick back, relax, and enjoy life’s comforts at your own pace. Comforts such as those found at Hog Roast Newton Blossomville’s catering where you can enjoy retirement the right way with a celebration amongst friends and family and a hearty hog roast to toast to.

The team here at Hog Roast Newton Blossomville obviously are not the only ones to think that the best way to toast to a retirement is with a roast, because a few weeks ago our team fielded an enquiry about retirement dining from a long-time customer of ours.

Graham, of Newton Blossomville, has been working in the civil service for the last 26 years. Now, at the ripe old age of 63, he is finally looking to close out his career and just live a leisurely life with his wife Linda at a holiday home abroad and spend some much-needed time with his grandkids when back in the UK. To mark the momentous end to one chapter in his life and the beginning of a new one, Graham wanted to enjoy one last meal with his favourite caterer, Hog Roast Newton Blossomville.

Hog Roast Newton BlossomvilleGraham had first enjoyed the services of Hog Roast Newton Blossomville a little over a decade ago now when one of our teams catered for his daughter’s wedding. Graham was so blown away by our hog roast that he immediately came in search for our name and enquired about what other events we do. As we do just about every kind of event, Graham was delighted to then be able to book us in for his birthday. He hasn’t looked back since.

Now our Hog Roast Newton Blossomville team were overjoyed to be able to give Graham the send-off he deserved. Inviting in family and close friends, Graham enjoyed a final goodbye with his work colleagues, giving a few emotional words of thanks to everyone that has worked with him over the last two+ decades before enjoying a roast buffet courtesy of our team.

From everyone at Hog Roast Newton Blossomville, we would like to wish Graham all the best in retirement, and yes, we’ll see about setting up a Hog Roast Newton Blossomville team to your holiday home town as you so excitedly and insistently requested!