Last Chance To Grab Easter Dining With Hog Roast Mentmore!

Hog Roast MentmoreEaster is just weeks away now, and if you haven’t booked your dining with Hog Roast Mentmore by now then you may have a very limited opportunity to still do so! Easter dining is one that is celebrated throughout the nation, and the roast is a great go to for many families for Easter Sunday. As the premiere roast caterer surely it makes absolute sense to have Hog Roast Mentmore providing your Easter surprise!

After a tough lent where you may have given up a couple of foods or treats it is always great to be able to reward yourself for all your hard efforts with an extravagant feast – it’s why easter dining probably exists in the first place! There’s no better way to reward yourself than with Hog Roast Mentmore, then. Our high end hog roasts are an excellent choice for easter dining, providing a touch of spectacle on top of its incredible, tender and crisp roast tastes. Paired with a few perfect golden roast potatoes, or our buttered new potatoes, and a healthy helping of homemade sage and onion stuffing with freshly made apple sauce, perfect golden bubbling crackling – why not use every part of the pig? – freshly prepared salads and slaws, and as many sides that you reckon you can pile onto a plate, there is no better Easter special than Hog Roast Mentmore’s! And of course it doesn’t have to be the hog roast. Lamb roasts are popular in spring, and our beef and turkey roasts are just as excellent too!

Hog Roast MentmoreFor guests who have already booked in their place with us for their Easter Sunday – great work! We’ll be seeing you soon enough and we are very excited to do so. But if you aren’t yet a lucky bunny with a Hog Roast Mentmore easter booking then hop to it! Time is of the essence, and with bookings being a hot commodity already you are going to want to get in as quick as you can! We will make your easter dining a special occasion with service that excels and dining that impresses with style and taste! It’s a cracking catered experience for all!