Hog Roast Ulgham caters for Christmas Party

After a short bit of research I realised that there was no parking on site and indeed hardly anywhere to pull up outside. Hog Roast Ulgham decided to pop over and take a quick look on the best plan of attack. Fortunately we could park in a tucked away spot, they offered me the spot for the day. That certainly made it easier and so a plan was hatched.

Hog Roast UlghamThis was one of the last jobs before Christmas. It was local, 20mins away and a nice easy set up. I suppose the only drawback was that it was raining again. Fortunately Hog Roast Ulgham didn’t need a gazebo. There was a covered hard standing area that although compact was perfect for serving from, and right next to the kitchen in case needed.

I arrived at 9.00 am and guests were arriving at midday and staying until 2.00 that was 2.00 am !!  The 4.00pm serve was intended to mop up the booze. It was much needed, although there were various games – Aunt Sally, Darts and skittles. Boy they were hungry and fortunatelyHog Roast Ulgham had a much larger pig than needed and so there was still plenty left over. When I left they were about ready to start dancing!

Fortunately I was only 20 mins from base and so was soon home and without parking tickets.