Hog Roast Kettering

KetteringWith history dating back to roman times, the now bustling town of Kettering has a good deal of interesting history and even more character. Charming buildings and busy high streets set the scene for a recent event which we catered for, a corporate team building event for staff of a local company.
Given that there have been some interesting archaeological finds in and around the town dating back to Roman and Saxon times, there is no doubt that this is not the first time hog roasting has been popular in hog roast Kettering! Around the time the Domesday survey was conducted in 1086, the practice of roasting an entire hog on a spit was popular with peasants and noblemen alike.

Perhaps hog roasting is better associated with the middle ages, where the fashion of cooking a whole animal on a spit became the rage because of its ease and versatility. Huge groups of people could be fed by this method of cooking, and the preparation is relatively simple. After stoking a fire and pulling a spitted pig over it, the meat would be aboutus-168x300turned constantly for hours to achieve that perfect crispy pork. While most often associated with kings and Queens Banquets and that of the nobility, whole hogs were often roasted for public events and smaller animals were cooked in this manner at home.

Today, we believe that hog roasting is making a real comeback, and are very proud of our growing hog roast hire Kettering client list. In short; people want great food for their events, and they want great catering. A whole pig roasting on a spit is not only delicious, but it is a real spectacle that will leave you guests talking about your event for years to come. With hog roast Kettering, we make fantastic catering easy!

As with this hog roast hire Kettering event, corporate pig roasts are an excellent way to motivate your staff and build team morale. So, when we were called to provide a hog roasting machine and chef to a team building day for a company in Kettering we were already confident that the sight of the delicious meat cooking on the spit would raise staff morale. On the ground floor of the building, a single room had been chosen for us and it was no problem pulling the machine into the building with help of a ramp. After a few windows were opened, the precooked pig was mounted on the machine as our chef set out some buffet foods and vegetarian options. The pig didn’t take long to warm all the way through and smelled delicious. Most chose to eat their cuts of crackling pork in our soft floury rolls with a dollop of apple sauce, but a few preferred to eat the meat alone and really savour the taste. It was exactly what they all needed for the afternoon of team-building exercises ahead.

Our hog roasting machines don’t just roast pork; they can cook pretty much any meat you can think of. Legs of ham, beef, multiple chickens or fowl, lamb; our machine is easily Vegetarian Skewersfitted with various attachments to do this. The machine can even cook vegetables, or vegetarian roasts. And afterwards, it only takes a bit of hot water, soap and elbow grease to get the stainless steel sparkling again and ready for its next use.

If, like this recently catered-for company in Kettering, you want to give you your staff a real treat you can hire a hog roasting machine and a chef to do so. We also offer the hire of waiting staff for larger events and additional menus for full meals; perfect for weddings. Or perhaps you want to have a go at using one of our machines yourself? With our easy hog roast hire Kettering packages we can hire the machine and a bottle of gas to you for days, weeks or even months. In fact, we often find that those who hire our machines for a length of time decide to buy it in the end!

Not an experienced hog roaster? Don’t worry! Much easier than slaving over a barbeque, our machines make the perfect hog every time and you don’t need to be an expert. We simply drop off the machine (with the fully butchered pig if you can’t source one yourself) and any attachments you think you will need along with a bottle of gas. Just let us know when you need it picking up, and we will do that for you too!

So contact us now and let us show you what hog roast Kettering can do to add a real spark to your event, big or small!