Hog Roast Corby

CorbyAs one of the fastest growing towns in the country and a constantly growing population, it is no surprise that every day we receive more and more catering enquiries from progressing towns such as Corby. Where there are lots of people, there’s demand for good food and excellent catering. As always, we are happy to deliver.

One of the most interesting aspects of the town, aside from its substantial population growth, is its history. With artefacts found as far back as the Bronze Age, it has been suggested that the first settlement began around the 8th century and was big enough by 1086 to be recorded in the Domesday Book. A popular story in the town, as I discovered while catering at a small party there, Queen Elizabeth I herself granted the town its charter after she became stuck in a bog and was rescued by the townspeople. In celebration of the charter, a pole fair is held every 20 years and this tradition is still true today. The host of pig 11the aforementioned party I catered at recently was a historian and animatedly tells me all this while I set up the machine.

It has been just about a year since I purchased a hog roasting machine from this very website for hog roast Corby, and since then I have not looked back. Having had experience catering at car boot sales and fairs with my own van I decided to make an investment of a hog roasting machine after seeing how popular another one was at an event I attended as a guest. People prefer to gravitate towards the sight of a whole hog roasting on a spit and the delicious smell rather than half-cooked beef burgers. This party in Corby was one of many I had already catered at in the town.
Before I bought the hog roasting machine, I hired it for a week while I catered at a small music festival nearby. I was so pleased with the ease of use and the amount of customers; I took the plunge and bought it. Spitting Pig has fantastic customer service and I was so pleased with my new machine, which paid for itself very quickly.

Hog roast Corby cater for all types of events. A recent event saw us catering for a christening party with 70 guests attending. The menu they had opted for was our basic hog roast served on fresh floured buns with golden crispy crackling, classic sage & onion stuffing and homemade apple sauce. Christening are always full of happy, slightly drunk guests who invariably only have nice things to say about our services and this was no exception. As the event drew to a close we simply tidied up before carving any leftovers for the guests to enjoy. We left the event with all the rubbish and let the party goers enjoy the rest of their day.

As a private caterer, I had chosen in this instance not to hire any additional staff given that this event only held around fifty people. I arrived hours before the event itself and started cooking the hog before the host while he entertained me with the fascinating history of the town. Once he saw the pig fitted onto the spit and rotating slowly, he had some questions to ask though, and I am always happy to answer them.

He had positioned me and my hog roasting machine on his patio in the garden outside, but was concerned about the weather and what to do if it started to rain. I explained that all I needed was a bit of elbow grease and I could push the machine to wherever it needed to be, thanks to the wheels and handles. I’ve had to push my machine across fields before, so I’m no stranger to suddenly changing my location mid-roast.

A hog roast Corby can really bring a great deal to an occasion; supplying you and your guests with delicious, excellently cooked meat, and of course a spectacle to rival medieval banquets. Any meat can be cooked on the hog roasting machine; not just a hog! Fobreadr hog roast hire Corby, our machines will cook chicken, pork, lamb, legs of ham, and even vegetables and burgers and are perfect for private caterers like me who want to add some visual splendour to their catering style.

The host of this party had decided on a more simple catering option for this event; quite simple, hog roast pork in rolls, with good dollops of apple sauce. This was actually a catering option I was recommended by Spitting Pig when I bought the machine, and it really is a popular and simple option. Nothing beats the simplicity of warm, succulent pork with the crispness of crackling in a soft floury bun, perhaps with a side of salad or potato salad. When guests arrived, I was not surprised when most of them asked for seconds despite admitting they were already full. Children were especially fascinated by the sight of a whole pig slowly turning on the spit and the way in which I carved off the meat.

As usual, I did not leave the event – packing my machine into my van after carving off all the leftovers for guests to nibble later – without being asked for a few business cards. For hog roast hire Corby, this website is your starting point for a great catering career or a fantastic way to feed your guests at your event, so drop us a line now!