Hog Roast Chipping Norton

Chipping NortonLocated in the picturesque Cotswolds Hills, Chipping Norton is a market town with origins that stretch back to the prehistoric era. The Roll right Stones are only a couple of miles away from the village and consist of three stone monuments presumed to have been constructed sometime between the 4th to the 2nd millennium BCE. We have often driven past the stones on our way to delivering hog roast catering services in Chipping Norton, and the structures attract thousands of visitors every year. The purpose of the mysterious stones has been discussed at many of our Chipping Norton hog roast events, which is no surprise considering that they have fascinated people for centuries. During the middle ages the village built its fortune in the wool trade which led to a growth of affluence in the area and the construction of some magnificent buildings.

Although we have served many of our hog roast Chipping Norton, to the best of our knowledge we are yet to serve the village’s current MP who also happens to be the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom. David Cameron is the MP for Witney and Chipping Norton falls within his constituency. Other notable residents within the area who might like to try one of our famous hog roast Chipping Norton sometime include the Top Gear TV presenter Jeremy Clarkson.

Having served hog roast Chipping Norton for some years now, we feel well qualified to comment on the friendliness that we’ve experienced in the area. The village isFullSizeRender very welcoming and has a couple of fantastic pubs to enjoy a pint or two at! The Chequers pub is believed to date back to the 1500s and is conveniently located next door to the village’s theatre. The Kingham Plough is another great spot to have a drink or a bite to eat, and we feel privileged to have worked with some top class pub landlords in the area.

If you are ever attending one of our hog roast Chipping Norton you may want to make time to stop off at the old British Schools Building on New Street. This iconic building used to be home to the Chipping Norton Recording Studios and attracted some of the biggest names in music. Status Quo recorded ‘In the Army Now’ at the studios, and other notable names to have worked in the building include the Bay City Rollers, Alison Moyet, and Radiohead.

Chipping Norton is in a beautiful part of the British countryside, and if you are looking for a traditional English hog roast then this is one of the best places to hold one. The Chipping Norton Golf Club is the oldest in Buckinghamshire, and the village has a competitive rugby union club which competes in the Southern Counties North League. We always seem to bump into a few hungry sportsmen at our Chipping Norton hog roast catering events, and our food goes down a treat!

We recently catered at a wedding in Chipping Norton for a lovely couple and their 120 guests. The day didn’t get off to the best start with rain hitting us in the early morning but thankfully the sun came out towards mid morning and the day was a huge success from thereon. Weddings are excellent occasions to cater at due to the joyful mood of all the guests and indeed the bride and groom. This wedding was no different. Compliments on the food were definitely not in short supply; from the bride and groom to the drunken uncle everybody really enjoyed the food.

With so many famous names either resident in Chipping Norton or having lived here at some point, it is reassuring to see that the town itself is still the small and reserved place that is always has been, but hog roast on the other hand has certainly moved on up in the world as it is now one of the most in demWedding Cake Serviceand catering solutions at events in Chipping Norton and the surrounding areas, let alone the rest of the UK. Local inhabitant Prime Minister David Cameron would no doubt be delighted that a traditional British feast continues to thrive in twenty first century UK.

So what is the enduring appeal of the good old hog roast and why should it be that quiet and peaceful towns should love to indulge in this old medieval feast so much? Maybe the hog roast Chipping Norton story is the same wherever you go; people simply love the wholesome flavours and great traditional taste of a bit of roasting pig.

Well. It’s more than a little bit of pig isn’t it? It’s a quite significantly sixed whole pig that people tend to tuck into when they have a hog roast, in fact the size of a pig on a hog roast machine can be something to marvel at. They really do look special as they are roasting away and turning a lovely red bronze colour. Maybe it is the visuals of a hog roast that really get the juices flowing of the people of Chipping Norton and the many other small towns and villages where hog roast seems to be enjoying such popularity. You see it does look quite stunning as it is being spit roasted, making it by far one of the most attractive and enticing feasts in the catering world that you are likely to encounter. And let us not forget that when a hog roast is cooking away, it produces quite the most wonderful aroma that you will ever experience. Hog roast really is the king of all catering solutions and maybe this why Chipping Norton and its people love it so much?