Hog Roast Abingdon

Hog Roast AbingdonDine in style with the roast delights of Hog Roast Abingdon at your events in Abingdon this year. Abingdon, famed for its rich living traditions, is well suited to our more traditional cooking style, as we bring back the age old hog roaster for a modern update. The hog roast itself is a spectacle in it all of its fiery brilliance, and our self-contained mobile hog roasters certainly do not lose that novel marvel, but they do allow us to make the hog roast a far more accessible dish, and one that is perfectly suited to on the road catering. Equipped with our very own roasters we can take our specialist event catering services to anywhere at any time – so don’t be shy in calling us out to your next event in Abingdon today!

For your event we start early and cook throughout the day. The slow turning action of our hog roast ensures perfect quality all throughout your food, making this once classic of British food the real deal for event dining. Its salty pork flavouring, well charred texturing and juicy meatiness is a favourite for many of our guests and keeps everyone in high spirit throughout the day! So, for weddings, corporate events, anniversaries, festivals, birthdays, and more be sure to give Hog Roast Abingdon a call today!

Premium Dining Made Affordable in Abington

Hog Roast AbingdonHog Roast Abingdon provides an extensive range of food items beyond just our speciality hog roast. With an array of salads, canapés, sides, meat options, or vegan, vegetarian and gluten-free substitutes there is something to be found for everyone. We know that the famous Bun-throwing ceremony is beloved in Abingdon, but we assure you that with our exceptional pulled pork rolls no one will be throwing away these buns at least!

Find whatever you are looking for with Hog Roast Abingdon now. Our team will help you curate the perfect event dining service that matches your events, from the right foods to the style in which we serve your guests. It all at your control with Hog Roast Abingdon.

So come on over to the Hog Roast Abingdon family today and get quality service at a cost that works to you!